We use sophisticated algorithms to quickly respond to customer needs and adapt to specific requirements in multiple fields.

PAiTec Intelligent Navigation Solutions

AI Visual Intelligence Analysis Scheme

By utilizing our PAiTec navigation algorithms, customers can confidently navigate complex environments. Through PAiTec's in-house developed central dispatch system, multi-robot cooperation is achieved, continuously optimizing transportation efficiency. This system is tailored to meet customer needs, enhancing robot delivery efficiency and catering to diverse use cases in scenarios.

This series of products embodies the perfect fusion of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Leading the industry, breaking the barriers between indoor and outdoor use, empowering unrestricted mobility.


Technological innovation

PAiTec's research and development team set out with a clear goal from the beginning: to develop high-performance, low-latency unmanned driving and automatic navigation systems for production enterprise clients. Leveraging AI technology, PAiTec swiftly adjusts its navigation and driving systems to meet specific customer requirements.

The research and development team has made improvements to the traditional super-resolution algorithm, resulting in an excellent algorithm with low computational costs, high stability, strong portability, and a doubling of testing resolution.


Core strengths

PAiTec is committed to adhering to AI technology's essential principles: being trustworthy, always controllable, and ensuring stable operation. We use cost-effective sensors to provide customers with high-value software and hardware systems. Our researchers not only drive the healthy development of artificial intelligence and enhance production efficiency but also focus on the overall well-being and sustainable development of various sectors and the ecological environment in society.

  • security and reliability

  • High flexibility

  • Accurate recognition capabilities

  • Thoroughly verified system


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